To The Mines

Rinne woke to find the black hood no longer over her head. Looking around, she saw that they were still at the entrance to the Undercaverns. There were dead Imperial Soldiers scattered around with the bodies of red cultists scattered among them. All appeared to be picked over.  After Ama and Camilla awoke and the three re-equiped themselves with their items (except for the Blood Dagger), a man named Philip entered the clearing.  Blaming them for the loss of the ruby, he attempted to send the party to the Tartalo Mine to recover a mithril dagger before the Red Cult got it.  Refusing to help without payment for the ruby, even though they failed to get it, Ama convinced Philip to give her 10 gp and Rinne & Camilla 5 gp each.  Rinne also demanded additional payment and got a shiny stone that Philip picked up from the ground and handed to her.  With the understanding that they would each receive 25gp more upon acquisition of the mithril dagger, the three agreed to go claim it.  As soon as Philip was gone, Rinne claimed that her Blood Dagger was to the east in the opposite direction of the mine and that they should go after it instead, despite Philips half heard message to hurry.  Shortly after, she said it was now in the North.  Not ready to believe her, money and promises were exchanged and the party headed North after the Blood Dagger with the intention of heading to the mine afterwards. 

After trekking through the forest, the party came upon some orc tracks which seemed to lead in the same direction as the dagger.  Camilla determined that the orcs weren't too far ahead so they decided to catch up.  Once close enough, Camilla snuck up on them to see how many there were.  She saw 3 typical orcs and 1 larger one who was carrying a captured red cultist on his back.  Returning to the party, Camilla gave her update and made clear that the large one should only be fought with ranged weapons because it was probably the most powerful being they had faced.  Looking for the best place to ambush the orcs, the battle soon began.  Camilla used her bow while both Rinne and Ama hid until Camilla was surrounded and being melee attacked by the orc she said to avoid.  After many close calls, the group defeated the orcs.  Rinne reclaimed her Blood dagger, stole the cultist's cloak, and tied him, now naked, to a tree. They then decided to take a much needed rest.  Upon waking, they all felt much stronger. (All except Rinne, who felt a little stronger, but closer to her search to be able to communicate with animals.)