The Tartalo Mines Part 1

The group entered the mines and quickly found a headlamp to help them negotiate the tunnels.  Moving farther into the mine, they came upon a pair of cultists and dispatched them.  After Ama investigated a spiral staircase leading into the depths and containing an unknown beast, the group decided not to explore it and continued on to the next room connected to a locked cell which contained a Dwarf.  He introduced himself as Blif, the mine overseer.  After some back and forth, the group agreed to release him.  Blif told the party where they could find the mithril dagger to protect it from falling into the cultists' hands.

Moving deeper into the mines, there were numerous encounters with cultists as well as a few with bugbears who seemed especially deadly.  Eventually making it to the room Blif had indicated, there was no dagger to be found.  Only an empty pedestal remained.  Deciding to move to the north, a group of cultists was found to be searching a set of rooms.  After killing them, the party searched the rooms as well, but found little.

Hearing sounds of battle, they stealthily continued north and came upon a scene of bugbears and cultists fighting.  Unable to contain her hatred for the cultists, Camilla unleashed a hail of thorns upon the group, injuring many of them. The cultists decided to flee as they were being slaughtered by the bugbears, but a few chose to stay and fight ensuring the escape of the others.  Ama and Camilla tried to follow the fleeing cultists while avoiding the pursuing bugbears by sneaking down a side path, but eventually lost the cultists.  At about this time, the ground started shaking as if there was a minor earthquake.  The shaking and noise got louder until with a loud splitting sound, everything went quiet.