Twenty locals came to Oldfort to compete in the annual games.  After taking boats to the actual islands of Fort, Obork Gundral laid out the rules and set the contestants on their way.  Obork also challenged anyone to defeat him in hand to hand combat for an extra point in the games.  Many tried and failed, but eventually Issat Braem claimed a victory over Obork getting a point and the promise of future training.  Early on, after convincing someone to give him a boot over a fence, Richart Maffei was quickly dispatched by a bear.  Unfortunately, both his best friend Gerardus Perfeiti and his sister Ama, watched him die without helping.  Rinne Delogu taking advantage of the initial confusion and Evrat de Angelis’ unconscious state, decided to steal Evrat's dagger along with some oars from a boat, and shortly after, she stole a boat.

As the contestants were making their way through the fort, the ground started shaking knocking many of the old buildings down and crushing people.  The ground then split open sucking the few survivors down into unknown tunnels.  Emmony, Issat, Rinne, Miguel, Flo, Camilla, & Melite were all sucked down in two groups.  After exploring the tunnels and avoiding an escaped bear, both groups eventually made their way to the surface and back to safety.  When the earthquake started, both Ama and Gerardus were crushed by collapsing walls.  Ama, while pinned under the rubble was awake and attempted to escape, while Gerardus ended up unconscious.  Gerardus managed to stabilize initially, but help took so long to arrive that Ama, hopelessly stuck and unable to help, watched him die.

Back in town, the surviving contestants took stock of the day and discussed the tunnels and vast underground cave they found in addition to the large map on the wall depicting a sprawling underground city that they decided to call the Undercaverns.  Miguel Stucker ended up with a Stone Key and Scroll Case that is unable to be opened, while Rinne Delogu found an old Stone Dagger.

Miguel asked everybody he dared approach in Oldfort about the Scroll Case, but nobody knew anything. Curious of its origins and still needing to flee the authorities, he traveled to the Academy to see what they knew.