The Seeking - Part 3

Reentering the main room, the three faced the cult fanatic who had escaped previously. The cult fanatic had two Crawling Claws to help, but still fell to the party. After the battle, the group explored the last hallway from the room and found a stone pedestal filled with blood. Rinne stuck the blade of her stone dagger into the bowl. The blade immediately drew the blood into itself and the dagger attuned with Rinne, who then knew it to be the Blood Dagger.

Deciding that they had searched the entire temple and that the Releta Ruby was nowhere to be found, the party exited the temple. Upon exiting, they saw the death dog from earlier in the distance. After some awkward maneuvering, engaged the dog. Rinne attempted to calm the dog by feeding it one of the human eyes that she cut from a corpse earlier. The death dog ate the eye in a single gulp and didn't slow its assault. In what was a relatively short fight, the three killed the dog shortly before a goblin patrol came upon them. Ana and Rinne decided to go walk over to the goblins while Camilla stayed a safe distance away and continued to the cavern exit on her own. Ana attempted to talk to the goblins and intimidate them with her story of slaying the Death Dog. While it worked at first, ultimately Ana and Rinne had to flee with Rinne throwing both George and her collection of torches behind her in an attempt to aid their escape.

Making it safely to the exit, the two walked out into the bright sun only to find themselves surrounded by Imperial troops. Throwing down their weapons, Rinne and Ama were tied up and led to and equally unarmed Camilla. As their weapons were taken away, Rinne felt the gaping loss of her Blood Dagger. It didn't last long though as black hoods descended over their heads followed by blunt hits knocking the three unconscious.