Insiders operate under the direction and control of their corporate masters. While subservient, they often use their rank and status for their own nefarious purposes at the same time.  Insiders do a company’s bidding, usually without question, but aren’t above taking a little back for themselves.


A fixer’s job is to find, acquire, and distribute gear and information through any channel they can access, legally or otherwise.  Fixers are the go-to guys when characters need to get their hands on something not available through traditional means.  Fixers are often Insiders or Weapon Specialists with superior clearance to corporate or military goods and information.


Every city has has its share of ruffians and thugs who prey on the weak and exploit anyone they can.  Gangsters often carry both lethal and non-lethal weapons to deal with a variety of situations.  These characters usually have few aspirations except to survive in any way they can.


An old but still-relevant term, hackers specialize in getting into places and doing things that others don’t want them to.  Hackers are security experts and tinkerers, often breaking into high clearance systems just to see if they can.  The term applies to hacking more than just computer systems; anything with a microchip (including humans) can potentially be hacked.


Many martial artists treat their craft as a way of life.  Skilled in one or more of the many arts of hand-to-hand combat and augmented with certain psionic skills, these characters are a good addition to nearly any team.  Ghosts are skilled at being stealthy, covert, and athletic, making them useful as scouts or infiltration specialists.

Soul Jacker

Soul jackers exert mental dominance over those they encounter and command others to do their bidding.  These characters use powerful psionics to accomplish their goals. While not above using weapons, soul jackers specialize in mental combat.


Witches are medical experts who make a living patching up people outside of the relative comfort of a hospital.  The background of these characters vary from disgraced doctors to former clinic operators who were forced to shutter the doors due to corporate manipulations. 

Street Runners

Street runners are mercenaries, selling their skills to the highest bidder so they can earn enough cash to upgrade their implants, computer hardware, and other gear.  They come from all walks of life, but often find themselves in the business because they’ve lost the ability, or the will, to work traditional jobs.  Street running is illegal but the crime is almost impossible to enforce, and many street runners feel that their motives are altruistic and thus their ends justify the means.

Weapons Specialist

In this day and age, it pays to be the one carrying the big guns.  Weapon specialists can utilize all manner of weapons to great effect. While always on the lookout for the newest deadly technology, many specialists suffer from a form of addiction.