This mark, originally bestowed by Bharglblat, manifests itself as a black splotch on the follower's face. At one time, all followers of Bharglblat wore a mark upon their faces to identify themselves. Only his most devote followers received a true mark while the majority were self-made as a sign of subservience. The splotch itself does nothing other than affecting appearance. In certain rare circumstances, Bharglblat can be prayed to for guidance or help. Ultimately, this is a tradition God worship relationship, except that the follower is chosen instead of choosing who to worship. With the true mark, the wearer receives certain gifts.

Cha: -1

Ability: Darkvision

Cantrip: Spare the Dying

Spell: Bharglblat's Touch

Ability to level up as a cleric

Bharglblat's Touch

Can only heal others.

Heals touched character by 1d6 x target's level + 1d8 x your level.

Damages self by 1/2 of healed points. Will not bring you below 1hp.

Damages number of enemies up to half of caster's level within 30' by 1/2 of healed points.

Daily Uses: Levels 1-4=1, Levels 5-8=2, Levels 9+=3