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World History

  • 150 BE: Approximate founding of the Red Cult.
  • 0 AD: The Drathmir civilization collapsed due to the Red Cult and the Empire rose to take its place.
  • 1600 AD: Chowta I begins his reign and the Empire begins its steady decline.
  • 1648 AD: The Red Cult co-opted Shlytoh to finally destroy the Empire.
  • 1657 AD: The Academy masters destroyed Shlytoh to end the war.
  • 1676 AD: Chowta II's reign starts and the Empire continues to decline despite the defeat of the Red Cult.
  • 1757 AD: Chowta IIIs reign begins.

- - - BE: Before Empire - - AD: After Drathmir - - -

Player Characters

Active characters

Ama Maffel

Rinne Delogu

Miguel Stucker

Camilla Knaus

Survivors not being played

Emmony Benda

Issat Braem

Flo Mohler

Melite Dumas

Noteable Items

Releta Ruby - Missing

Blood Dagger - Possessed by Rinne Delogu

Mithril Dagger - Tartalo Mine


Valley of Schlaftod

The Spine

The Neck


Campaign Sessions

1757 AD: The Rebirth

09.06.2015 - Origins

10.14.2015 - The Seeking Part 1

10.28.2015 - The Seeking Part 2

11.04.2015 - The Seeking Part 3

04.05.2016 - To The Mines

04.12.2016 - The Tartalo Mines Part 1

05.03.2016 - The Tartalo Mines Part 2

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